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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 10, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. a cliff rescue, a 4-year- old boy falls 200 feet and survives it. now we know one thing probably saved his life tonight. >> the boy was walking with his family at bodega head near bodega bay when he fell. >> christin ayers tells us how the boy survived it. >> reporter: that was a 20 something story potentially fatal fall, but that little boy got lucky. he hit the beach instead of the water. paramedics climb a 225-foot bodega bay cliff. a rescued 4-year-old boy is in the basket conscious and crying after taking what could have been a deadly fall. miraculously the boy missed the water and landed on the beach. he was stranded for about an hour before a firefighter spotted him this evening. the boy's family was on a hike and he was throwing rocks near a trail when his mother said he
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disappeared and she realized he had fallen off the bluff. authorities say the child had major injuries and was being transported to a santa rosa hospital. it's unclear exactly what those injuries were. this is the second fall since saturday in this area. a 23-year-old woman also fell from a cliff here. her injuries were moderate. 18,000 nurses at kaiser will walk off the job at 7:00 tomorrow morning. it's a two-day strike at kaiser hospitals and clinics in northern california to demand better protection against ebola. kaiser says it's been working nonstop to insure ebola safety and called the strike irresponsible. in new y or kaiser's hired replacement nurses and says all its facilities will be open tomorrow. in new york an e.r. doctor is officially ebola- free. dr. craig spencer contracted the disease when he was treating patients in guinea. he's been in isolation 19 days.
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he is scheduled to be released tomorrow. police want to know why it took so long for anyone to figure out a man inside a berkeley frat house was dead. ps the body of 20-year-old vaibhev loomba was found noon yesterday after a party saturday night at zeta psi. today red plastic cups were still outside. here's the picture of the mess inside yesterday afternoon. >> it's a little unusual that somebody may not have seen him for a long period of time. we do want to try and figure out yes was there, who he was seen -- why he was there, who he was seen with and those kind of thing. >> reporter: loomba went to davis and was from antioch. authorities are checking into what role drugs or alcohol might have played. 49er player ram mcdonald won't face domestic violence charges. tonight andria borba looks at
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what many will remember about this case, that phone call ray macdonald made before the phone call to 911. >> reporter: what really happened inside ray mcdonald's home august 31st isn't clear. the head of security told him to call this man, san jose sergeant shawn pritchard when he was worried about women texting him. the first call came at 2:35 a.m. from macdonald to pritchard i need to get this female out of my house. two minutes later jane doe black donald's fiance called 911. hello. i'd like to press for domestic violence. my fiance is trying to pull had he out of the house. he's drunk. i think he's calling the cops. he's trying to get me out. san jose pd arrived. pritchard was already there. macdonald was arrested, but two days later jane doe wouldn't let officers take pictures of the bruises on her arms and neck. >> the victim's lack of cooperation in this case is just a factor that led to our
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charging decision. >> reporter: kathy black, executive director of la casa de los madre says that isn't surprising. black also calls into question sergeant pritchard and other moonlighting for the 49ers. >> how can you be impartial and investigate the case? i think it becomes difficult. so you have to really have a clean investigation where officers come out with all of the tools they need in order to document visible injuries. it seems like a failure of the system. >> the fight began when someone woke up macdonald's fiancee and told her ray was flirting with other women. we've learned from a report she hit ray first. the report also said her injuries were consistent with being restrained, not attacked. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5. 49ers linebacker alden smith will be back at practice tomorrow. he's been on a nine-game nfl suspension for violating the
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personal conduct and substance abuse policy. he's expected to play sunday against the giants. we have a winner for san jose mayor, the final results from the santa clara county registrar of voters showing sam liccardo beating dave cortes 51%-49%. late this afternoon cortese conceded saying he had been waiting till the outcome was clear. he said the very tight race should be a message for equity and fair play. cortese's loss is not good news for police or firefighter unions who worry about more cuts to their pensions from the new mayor at liccardo. china rolled out the digital red carpet to welcome president obama to beijing. his motorcade traveled a ruby lit road to the asia pacific economic summit. the president donned a traditional silk robe as he greeted world leaders. he'll meet with the chinese leader tomorrow to discuss human rights and cyber theft. earlier today he took to the white house website to urge the fcc to he could the internet
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free and open -- to keep the internet free and open. >> whether you use a computer, phone or tablet, internet providers have a legal obligation not to block or limit your access to a website. cable companies can't decide which online stores you can shop at or which streaming services you can use. >> that is not what internet service providers wanted to hear. they want fast lanes where certain websites would work faster for a fee, of course. now many large websites including google oppose that plan. betty says.. google is buyi property. lots and lots of property. think housing, rent, traffic are already bad enough? get ready. betty says google is buying property, lots and lots of it. >> reporter: google plans to buy more property. it already has and that means that there will be more than enough room, at least there, for lots and lots of techies. the mercury news is reporting google could add at least 20,000 workers over the next couple of years in silicon valley. many will be right here in
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redwood city. ildings. sot: kat petrick / redwood "the only conc traffic issue that google is doing some big time spending outside of its mountain view home base. it bought six buildings in the pacific shores complex on the redwood city waterfront and leased an entire office campus under construction in sunnyvale. >> it's going to make the rents go up, but it's also going to help businesses. >> reporter: rick perazzo said redwood city was a tiny town 40 years ago. once google moves in it will be a certified tech town. >> i think google made a great choice in choosing redwood city. it's midpoint between san jose and san francisco, closer to ferry terminal which is going to be a major factor for regional transportation going forward. [ audio difficulties ]
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>> not even the most impressivening google is doing tonight. check this -- impressive thing google is doing tonight. check this out. you might recognize that hose from karate kid. this two legged robot is the work of boston dynamics, a recent google acquisition, ian developed for military use. at 6' 2 and 330 pounds he can also walk, jump and drive a
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car. the slow motion disaster playing out on hawaii's big island claimed its first home tonight. the 2,000-degree river of lava overtook this house in the rural town of pahoa. homeowners have been watching the lava inch toward them for months and had already packed up and left. in half an hour it was gone. tonight we're getting our first look inside the inferno that killed an entire crew of elite firefighters last year in arizona, allen martin on what they saw in their final moments. >> reporter: the hotshots were trapped by 2,000-degree heat surrounded by a 100-foot wall of fire closing in fast. ff. we are preparing a deployment site we are burning out around ourselves in the brush and'l give you a call when we are under the sh-- the shelters shortly after...pilots flyi above the fire tried to the hotshots. that wasn't the only challenge. they were also plagued by communication problems. ivors. (firefighter talking) yeah tod nfirmed. in >> i really need it bad about now. >> reporter: one firefighter's helmet camera recorded the final radio transmission.
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>> we are preparing a deployment site. we are burying out around ourselves in the brush and i'll give you a call when we were under shelter. >> reporter: shortly after pilots flying above the fire tried to contact the hotshots. >> division alpha bravo 33, air to ground. >> reporter: firefighters on all terrain vehicles raced through the active burn zone to look for their friends. when they found the hotshots, it was immediately clear there were no survivors. >> yeah, todd, on scene. 18 confirmed. >> reporter: in all 19 hotshots were killed, 12 of their families now suing the arizona department of forestry. they claim overall mismanagement of the fire led to the deaths of their loved ones. allen martin, kpix5 news. a freak accident at the san francisco zoo, gorillas in mourning tonight. could something simple have saved a baby gorilla? >> tomorrow is veterans day.
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tonight we meet some bay area veterans who are telling their war stories on their bodies.
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celebrated the birth of the baby an unexplainable medical miracle in florida, a woman and her husband just celebrated the birth of their baby girl when mom had a rare amniotic fluid embolism and fell unconscious. after 45 minutes without a pulse they called her family in to say their final good-byes, but then -- >> we were all holding hands and praying and one of the nurses came out of the o.r.
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and said don't stop praying. her heart has started to beat on its own. >> i really didn't know i died, by the way. i had no clue. that's why when i woke up, to me no time had passed. >> the woman said she didn't realize anything had gone wrong until she saw members of her extended family huddled in the room. tonight we have an extraordinary picture of gorillas at the san francisco zoo in mourning after a baby gorilla was crushed to death. cate cauguiran is at the zoo tonight. >> reporter: the zoo is not talking to me or anyone else from the media. they aren't letting our cameras inside, but here's what we do know tonight. a 5-month-old baby kabiba made her debut. ving the gorilla pack to their sleeping area. kabibe as it was cl her name means little lady. zoo visitors chose it. a hydraulic door crushed her killing the baby. it happened when the staff was
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moving the gorilla pack to their sleeping area. she darted through the door as it was closing. >> if they would have been close by right there, they could have prevented it. >> reporter: a doctor says the right technology is there to prevent this. we see it in things like garage doors. but in the first place he says someone should have been watching the door. >> if you're not there right away to try to get the animal free, the animal is struggling can mortally hurt itself. >> reporter: the zoo is investigating what went wrong, but tonight the other gorillas are the priority. this is a picture of the baby's grandmother, her head hanging low. the zoo said she's been struggling with kabibi's death. >> they have very strong emotions. they get attached to us, their offspring and one another. >> reporter: the zoo is calling a gorilla expert, dr. terry maple, to investigate what happened. i spoke with him on the phone. he says he knows this zoo very well.
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he says that hydraulic door does not have a safety measure on it. in san francisco cate cauguiran, kpix5. >> the doctor also tells cate his organization will petition the organization and aquarium to make sure if any zoo has this type of gate, that it's watched at all days. among the plans to improve the veterans affairs, among the plans? hire a customer service officer, make it easier for vets to apply online for services and networks and create an advisory council. the changes are coming after it was discovered thousands of vets waited months, even years for medical care. tomorrow on veterans day parades and ceremonies will honor our men and women who wore a uniform, but joe vazquez shows us some young veterans are taking off their shirts to tell their own war stories through the art of titules.
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three members of his unit we killed. a tatooo is a great way of showing that, yes, i carry through my heart forever. a also show it on my skin for rest of my life. mike is on millions returning home froo recent wars. nats two dozen california veterans are now sharing their indelible sto of the agony of combat ... expressing their loss . in art the clouds art-- of tattoos. >> that was the second battle of fallujah. nty libraria ized there might b >> reporter: painted across the chest of mike ergo of walnut creek is the bloodiest back of the iraq war, the worst memory -- battle of the iraq war, the worst memory of his life. november, 2004, 23 members of his unit were killed. >> a tattoo is a great way of showing that yes, i carry this within my heart forever and show it on my skin the rest of my life. >> reporter: mike is one of millions returning home from two recent wars. two dozen california veterans are now sharing their indelible stories of the agony of combat expressing their loss in an art project called war ink. >> i feel like the ink jewelry is coming down and it's my feet going to heaven.
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railroad war ink was conceived in part -- >> reporter: war ink was conceived in part by a contra costa county librarian. he said war veterans often hold it all inside. isolation is common, even for heroes. >> these tattoos are a way of hearing their narratives and really honoring them. >> reporter: through their tattoos the project creators figured maybe veterans might begin to open up to the civilian public and begin to heal. >> in that flag are names of men that i worked with who died in combat. down towards the bottom are demons which represent the memories. you don't have to directly ask about their military experience. you can say hey, that's a cool tattoo. what does that mean? >> i feel kind of lonely all the time and it's a way for people to be like hey, what's that about? >> it was nightmarish. it was terrible. i just would kind of go into a cave and hide out for a little
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while. >> reporter: nowadays mike celebrates because last november is when his baby arrived. >> my daughter was born november 4th and it went from an experience of death in november to an experience of brand-new life. >> reporter: lives honored as we remember those lost this veterans day through ink. joe vazquez, kpix5. >> it's called war ink. it's an online exhibit launched tonight just in time for veterans day tomorrow. you can find it at click on links and numbers. in honor of veterans day a lot of folks have school off, work off tomorrow and we'll be spenting it outside. >> we will and -- spending it outside. >> we will and we will need a jacket tomorrow. 80 in livermore today, mid- november, 80 degrees, but that's going to be a memory 24 hours from now, cooler weather moving in and eventually wetter weather moving in. great time lapse from earlier this evening from pro tree pro
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tree -- from potrero hill. vallejo 51 tonight, fremont 50, upper 40s in santa rosa and san rafael. this is the rainfall deficit from november, not the past 3 1/2 years, just this month. santa rosa down 1 1/2 inches, nearly an inch for oakland, more than 1/2-inch for san jose. let's dig ourselves out of this hole. mother nature says okay. low pressure off to our west inducing this pattern change, stronger onshore flow this afternoon, were its way down, cloud cover way up. that gets stronger overnight. as the low gets closer to us, more of an influence from the ocean. the onshore flow increases. temperatures decrease and we have widespread fog and cloud cover. that low finally makes it close enough to us wednesday night thursday morning to drag a cold front through. this will be the first november rainfall in the bay area on
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november 13th. we could use it and there may be several more thereafter. there one more coming up in the seven-day forecast. fog tomorrow morning, highs for veterans day in the 60s everywhere. that is a dozen degrees cooler inland and rain will arrive as early as wednesday night. look at the highs tomorrow, back down to normal, but it's going to feel chilly for most of you, san jose 67 degrees, morning cloud in cupertino, palo alto 66, danville 67, pittsburg 67, foggy start in san francisco, 63, san rafael 63, cloverdale 65 degrees tomorrow. mostly cloudy wednesday morning, rain moving in on thursday and then a second chance of rainfall coming up sunday. we could use many chances of rain. let's start with two and go from there. next week looks even wetter. >> good. >> thank you. lost in the wilderness, 15 hikers are safe tonight because of an all or nothing text for help. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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my name is david granillo, i'm a lineman and troubleman. i work out of the stockton division. been married seven years. i got two kids. this is where i want to raise my family. pg&e lineman, our job is to keep the power on so that our customers can go about their daily lives. if there's an emergency, we'll get the lights back on. i grew up in ripon and i've traveled the world with the military we can use that work ethic that the military instills in you to make a better employee. it feels great to work in the community that i grew up in. i'm proud to work for pg&e.
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expo. tonight hikers home back safe and sound, last night stuck in the middle of nowhere. the church group couldn't find their way back after hiking eaton canyon in l.a. county yesterday. with one bar of reception one hiker was able to send a help text to a family member which kicked off the search, but thick fog made it difficult for crews last night. this morning helicopters found them and airlifted them off the mountain. >> amazing stuff. one bar. have we got one cloud up maybe coming? >> he would got some rain coming up. >> got to tell you about a great program. it's the reason why you may see a grisly weatherman if you watch this broadcast on a nightly basis. it's called mowvember which raises money for men dominated healthcare issues. my father passed away from cancer five years ago, so i'm doing this for dad.
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go to wetsch raised $10,000 already. >> and on this side of the room the clean shaven. >> i tried to grow a moustache and looked like snidely whiplash. we've got two quarterbacks in the news. one had his rebirth of his career on monday night football. the other is a former raider quarterback who was brought to tears. you will see why coming up. ,,,,
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or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. and even freddy p. soft wand a week ago the 49ers were like a country music song. they were losing games, losing their girl friends, even freddie p. soft wanted off the bandwagon, but as mrs. harbaugh says, stand by your man. san francisco now sits at 5-4 after the overtime win in the big easy. the win was set up by ahmad brooks' sack and fumble of drew brees that led to phil dawson's game winning field goal. head coach jim harbaugh was in the mood, a more joyful mood today, even if he thinks his personality didn't change. >> i think you know you see me, gameday, you see me sometimes in these press conferences and
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you're right in the middle of the fight to be judged on personality or the cut of your jib or what clothe you wear. wear-- clothes you wear has never avenue seemed as important as what your -- never ever seemed as important as what your integrity is or your character. >> right on. the 49ers are three games back of arizona where quarterback carson palmer is out for the season with a torn acl. cardinals have the best record at 8-1. palmer was very emotional talking about suffering this injury for the 2nd time in his career. >> i'm not going to lie. i cried like a baby last night and i'm not an emotional guy. the last time i cried like that was when i lost my friend and teammate chris henry in '09. >> it's another bump in the road. been a bumpy ass road, like to get the potholes fixed. how about this? mark sanchez starting for the eagles, first start since 2012.
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they're leading carolina 17-7 in the 2nd quarter and jordan matthews, sanchez threw for 332 yards and two touchdowns. philly cruises 45-17. the eagles are 7-2. wow! minnesota united was jus o the u-s nation i have in my hand the monday night top 5. no. 5, minnesota called up to the u.s. nationals team and a chip shot from a defender all over him, floats into the net. how about that? no. 4, andre drummond is one of the pistons best players so you'd think they'd know how to spell his name, o instead of a u. hello. staying with the pistons detroit's josh smith was crossed off by derrick rose who makes a pass. chicago won. it's a wrapper. don't go on a seawall on a
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windy day. how about this? boston's seth griffith fights off the defender between his legs for the go ahead goal and the bruins beat new jersey 4-2. so you know what you get if you play a country music song backward? >> what? >> you get your wife back. you get your dog back. you get your house back. >> and the cut of your jib. >> never play it backwards. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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